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Persuasion is powerful

Public Relations

When it comes to generating interest in your story, you have to first consider your various audiences. Whether consumer focused, or B2B, we make certain that the objectives are clear and the story has appeal for the intended audience. Among our PR services:


Strategic planning

Campaign management

Media relations

Press releases

Social Media strategy and execution

Media planning and buying

Press and media events

Executive training and coaching

Trade shows


Experiential Marketing/Events

"Experiential Marketing" is a phrase thrown around by a lot of people with differing opinions about what the term means. Kelly's definition is a simple one. “Experiential Marketing creates touch points that allow consumers to understand, interact with, and contribute to the brand.” Our experiential programs include:


Events marketing

Trade show experiences

Pop-up stores and other guerilla marketing tactics

Corportate events

Live entertainment

Film & Video

Whether it is creating b-roll, producing an EPK, event documentation, or a fully scripted corporate video, Sway PR and Marketing brings unmatched experience to video production. Having produced video packages and live remotes for “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and Buena Vista Television, Founder Kelly Olson's disciplined approach to production enables Sway to remain on-time and on-budget while achieving all strategic objectives. Among our film and video services:


Media training and consulting

Creative development, including scripting and preproduction

Project management

Field producing




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Consulting Services

While we at Sway would love to take on the execution of your long term PR or Marketing strategy, we recognize that sometimes a more minor adjustment or redirection is all that is required. We have a long history of serving as consultants and strategists to get our clients' marketing programs on the right track.

  • Consulting services include:
  • Evaluation of companies' existing PR & Marketing strategies
  • Current team and/or agency evaluation
  • Vendor and agency management
  • Strategic planning
  • Experiental Marketing and Events Ideation
  • Facilitation and management of RFP process